Wooden Boat Building Secrets

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The secret to building a wooden boat is actually quite simple.

If you have some knowledge of carpentry and tools, than a wooden boat build will be relatively easy. You know, there are several types of boat plans and designs but each has its own name based on factors such as their quality, size and layout.
Before building a wooden boat, remember to also consider a Dory, this is a proven and very durable type of boat and has been in use for hundreds of years. There is a legend of the word Dory originating in Portugal and Spain. Some people believe it’s derived from the John Dory fish in Nova Scotia.

There are several reasons why wooden dory boat has been a preferred choice for fisherman. Lighter than fiberglass and excellent at absorbing vibration a wood dory plan makes a great choice for many. A well built wooden boat provides a quieter approach to fishing for all species.

During the construction of the wooden boat, the design is very important aspect. If your design is just right, you may be shocked to discover that it is lighter than a similar sized fiberglass boat. A well build dory can see use for 25years plus when properly maintained.

The draw towards building a Dory is based on the overall seaworthiness. The Dory design is very flexible in many different climate conditions. The narrow bottom may not look as strong as other designs but it’s very capable of handling harsh wind and waves and easily manages a significant amount of cargo.

Building a wooden boat takes determination, and you must have enough time. Set aside several hours for the construction of your boat or dory I promise it will be worth it.

Remember your building a boat for the enjoyment a little bit of time management will go a long way in allowing you to enjoy the ups and downs along the way. Take your time and don’t rush into it this is a project that requires planning and care to achieve the intended result.
Follow your boat plans to the tee and you won’t be disappointed. Good Luck

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